(2 Pack) - Rustoleum Rocksolid Universal Bonding Floor Primer

About this item 

  • Includes 2 x pack of Universal Bonding Floor Primers
  • Rust-oleum RockSolid™ Universal Bonding Floor Primer is a premium solvent-based primer/bonder with excellent topcoat adhesion, designed for use over previously coated garage and interior concrete floors. No sanding, stripping or grinding is required. The coated floor must be clean and properly adhered prior to priming. After applying Universal Bonding Floor Primer, the floor is ready to be topcoated with any opaque epoxy, 2-part epoxy or RockSolid Polycuramine.
  • This is for previously coated concrete, for new concrete use RockSolid™ Porous Concrete Primer
  • Covers upto 23 square metres per individual pack