10 Piece Car Fuse with Auto Tester

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About this item:
  • 1 x TESTER
  • 1 x WIRE CLIP
  • 10 x FUSES including:
    • 3A
    • 5A
    • 10A (x2)
    • 15A (x2)
    • 7.5A 
    • 20A -
    • 25A - 
    • 30A 

A voltage tester tells you whether there is electrical voltage in the checked element. In the middle of the meter, inside the transparent housing, there is a neon lamp.

When the neon lamp lights up, one end of the sampler should be placed on the joint in preparation, and the test tube should be placed against the fuse to the end. If the tested local element is live (connection), the neon lamp will glow.