100mm | 4" Nylon Filament Wheel Brush

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    • Maintains shape & will not rust,Will not shed bristles under normal conditions,Safer to use, will not puncture skin.
    • High durability, strong and tough brush, long service life, shorten polishing time and improve equipment efficiency
    • Great for polishing jewelry or other metal working uses.
    • Applications: Removing paints, corrosion, weld scale, surface rust & burns from metals. Prepare plastic, fiberglass, & rubber surfaces for adhesives.
    • Preparing metal surfaces for primers & paint.
    • Cleaning unfinished tile, stone, cement, and brick mortar
    • Removing old paint and finishes from wood. Cleaning & Sanding wood turnings, railings, banisters, trim & molding.

    • Material: Abrasive wire
    • Color: Red
    • Brush diameter: 100mm
    • Rod: Hexagonal rod
    • Handle: 6mm
  • Pole length: 30mm