(2 PACK) ZINSSER Timber and Decking Finish - Rustoleum (Exterior) - 4litre - Ebony Gloss

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Exterior use only - Ebony Gloss

2 x 4 litre tins


    Zinsser®Timber and Decking Finish is a long lasting water-based timber finish made from superior ingredients and pigments. The penetrating formula is designed to coat and protect the timber from the harsh conditions. It produces a transparent natural, gloss finish leaving the timber looking new and natural. Zinsser Timber & Decking Finish also rejuvenates previously coated, stained or oiled timber bringing back its natural beauty.





    Do not apply Zinsser Timber & Decking Finish if rain or night moisture is imminent within 2 hours of application. Zinsser Timber & Decking Finish can only be applied to raw timber. All other oils or coatings, including lacquers and stains, must be thoroughly stripped clean or sanded down to raw timber.

    APPLICATION TIPS:Ensure that Zinsser Timber & Decking Finish is rubbed into the timber grain and is not allowed to sit on the surface as this will affect the longevity of the finish. Use a water-based filler/putty on any timber to fill holes and imperfections. Sand smooth and dust clean.


    NEW TIMBER COATING: Remove all grease, oil, grime, sap, tannins and other contaminants using Zinsser®Timber Clean and wash with Zinsser®Timber Prep to neutralise and open the surface (this is very important).

    PREVIOUSLY PAINTED TIMBER: Painted or oiled surfaces should be sanded back to raw timber using 40-80 grit sand paper before applying Zinsser Timber & Decking Finish. Alternatively, apply Zinsser®Deck Stripper by scouring to remove stains, acrylic, polyurethanes and decking oils, followed by washing with Zinsser®Timber Prep.

    OLD WEATHERED TIMBER: Remove surface growth, moss, lichen and mould, by mixing 1 part household bleach to 8 parts water and apply to a wetted deck using a stiff scrubbing brush. Wait 10 minutes and thoroughly rinse with fresh water. After all sanding and stripping has been completed and prior to application of Zinsser Timber & Decking Finish, clean and neutralise the surface with Zinsser®Timber Prep. Thoroughly rinse the surface and allow 24 hours for the timber to dry.


    Apply Zinsser Timber & Decking Finish to 2-3 boards at a time using a lamb’s wool applicator, brush or rag, rubbing thoroughly into the grain of the timber to achieve good penetration. Allow for an even coating and wipe off all excess material with the applicator or brush. Repeat this process until all boards have been coated. Always maintain a wet edge. Allow 1-2 hours for curing depending on the weather conditions. Do NOT apply Zinsser Timber & Decking Finish on wet timber as this may result in film defects such as loss of adhesion and uneven pigmentation.

    RECOAT:Additional coats may be applied as above ensuring Zinsser Timber & Decking Finish is evenly rubbed into the timber. For best results, 3 coats are recommended.

    DRY TIME:Decking can be walked on once the surface dries, about 1 hour. Allow 2-3 hours dry time before furniture is put on the surface.

    CLEAN UP:Clean up with cold water.

    COVERAGE:Up to 17 m²/l, depending on surface texture and porosity of the timber.

    MAINTENANCE:Zinsser Timber & Decking Finish will give a long life and it is recommended that a regular inspection of the surface should be done every 12/18 months, if the surface is showing signs of deterioration, reduced colour or luster; it is recommended that a fresh coat be applied to maintain full protection of the timber. Wash the timber surface with Zinsser®Deck Bright and apply 1-2 coats of Zinsser Timber & Decking Finish to rejuvenate the coating.

    NOTE: Not for interior use.