3000AMP Jumper Leads 6M | Surge Protector

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    • These heavy-duty construction jumper cables have a thick inner core, connect and start your dead or weak car battery fast. ETL Certified and stamped, Suitable for cars, coupe, sedan, full-size SUV.

    • It has four giant alligator clamps with strong jagged teeth and springs for excellent grip force. The jaws are strong and make connections easy with better conductivity and tension. The clamps are coated with insulating rubber making them safe to use.

    • This long enough that you have the ability to access from various locations around the car, it easily reaches the battery on the opposite side of the vehicle to the jumper’s battery. No longer worry that the front of your car is blocked and the person who helps to jump your car has to park close to you.

    • The booster cable is made with premium PVC which is resistant to freezing, cracking & folding, and doesn’t tangle. The cable stays flexible even in very cold weather(-40℃/-40℉). Perfect for anyone looking for a quality set to carry in their vehicle for emergencies or to help someone else.

    • The smart protector will protect from short-circuiting, when the connection is successful the “ok” green LED will light up if you have applied the clamps incorrectly the smart protector will alarm and the “Wrong” red LED will light up to notifying you of an error.

  • Package Includes:

    1x Red Jumper Lead

    1x Black Jumper Lead

    1x Carry Case