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35" Magnetic Floor Sweeper Heavy Duty Magnet Rolling Pick Up Non-Slip Handle

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About this item
The ideal solution for safe, fast and easy collection of swarf.
It is a very useful tool for any homes or workplace. Instead of picking up metal objects one by one, you can finish the job in a minute. It can snaps up up nails, screws, paper clips and more.
Just roll over the ferromagnetic metal to collect them. When you find the right place to store the things, just remove them from the sweeper in a second by lifting the handle on top.
It works very perfectly in cleaning factories aisle, shop aisles, construction sites, walkways, loading docks, parking area, etc.
Material: A3 Steel and Aluminum alloy
  • Sweeper Type: Push-pull Sweeper
  • Magnetic Force: 30 lbs
  • Telescoping Rod Length: 14.2 in / 360 mm
  • Adjustable Range of Telescoping Rod: 78-114 cm
  • Handle Type: Quick-release
  • Height from the Magnet Surface to the Ground: 0.9 in / 23 mm Min
  • Adjustable Height of Wheels: 1.1 in / 27.5 mm
  • Adjustable Range of Wheels: 0.9-2 in / 23-50.5 mm
  • 100cm Super Long Magnetic Pick Up
Package Content
1 x Rolling Magnetic Sweeper

1x Super Long Magnetic Pick Up