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36+5 LED Working Light Lantern Torch

About this item

Please note colour of torch may vary from red or blue

  • Holding Cradle - Foldable Hook - Magnetic Base
  • This Multi LED Light is the perfect companion for any outdoor gathering. However there is much more to this light than meets the eye as it is packed with features. Its slim design and LEDs situated on two areas of the body allow it to transform between a torch to a lantern. A hook is also able to be folded out from the design so it can be hung as a work light or latern. Thanks to the LED technology, it is extremely energy efficient which means you wont have to change/charge your batteries often. It also makes this light lightweight and extermely easy to carry and transport. So whether you are going camping, or want energy-efficient mode of lighting up your outdoor area, this is the light for you.

    Features & Specifications

    • Sturdy base so that it can be grounded with Magnet
    • 180 degrees rotation
    • Fold out hook for hanging
    • Slim design allows it to be compact
    • Easy to carry and transport
    • Uses 3xAAA batteries
    • Practical build in hook