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4-Pack Folding Utility Knife Set


  • Ultra sharpness and double hardness blade, Perfect for hobby, DIY projects, cardboard, carpet, Rope,boxes, wallpapers, vinyl, rubber, leather, PVC material and etc
  • Quick-change mechanism. Knife comes with an easy blade release mechanism that allows you to safely change the blades and helps prevent injury
  • Back-lock Mechanism. Box Knife features a lock back release function as a pocket knife that keeps your blade in a safe position when opened or closed
  • Extra 10-piece blades included. Made of SK5 material. With a storage carry bag
  • 4 colors - Black /Blue / Orange / Pink.

Product Description

Includes four sets of practical knives with different colors, additional 10 blades. All blades are made of SK5 material.

The blade installation and release are simple and convenient. It can be operated by pressing the button, which is safe and reliable to prevent injury.

Super sharp SK5 heavy blade, can cut different materials, suitable for hobbies, DIY projects, cardboard, carpet, rope, box, wallpaper, vinyl, rubber, leather, PVC materials, etc.

It is equipped with a tool bag to improve the convenience of daily carrying. It's also easy to carry or store in your toolbox.

Multi occasion use, locking design, more convenient to provide the needs of precision cutting of different materials.