(4 PACK) Rust-oleum Decorative concrete coating applicator 230mm roller cover

About this 4 Pack of Applicators

  • For use with Rustoleum decorative concrete paint
  • fits on standard 230mm roller frame

Designed to Fit a Standard 230mm / 9-Inch Frame

The shape of this roller cover makes it a great fit for any standard 9-inch roller frame.

Versatile Design for Coating Many Surfaces

The versatile design of this roller cover makes it suitable for coating many different types of surfaces.

Roller cover specifically designed for applying concrete coating

Specifically Designed to Apply Concrete Coating

The design of this roller cover makes it perfect for applying Rust-Oleum Decorative Concrete Coating.

Rust-Oleum Restore 9 in. x 1/4 in. Decorative Concrete Foam Roller Cover (Case of 6) is a unique roller that creates the proper texture and finish of the beautiful multi-color Rust-Oleum Decorative Concrete Coating. Must use with Rust-Oleum Decorative Concrete Coating for proper adhesion to the surface. Use to roll a thin even coat and to achieve the proper texture.
  • Use with Rust-Oleum decorative concrete coatingĀ 
  • Fits standard 9 in. roller frames
  • For use on multiple surfaces