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6" C Clamp Pliers with rubber handle

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About this item

  • 6" C Clamp Pliers Vice Grip with Rubber Handles

  • Portable Table & Tool Vise Grip\

  • FaceClamps with Swivel Pads

  • For Welding, woodshop, home or workshop use

  • Tight & Secure Grip – Get that fine-tuned hold for cutting in your projects and materials at your own workshop. 
  • Reliable & Versatile –the perfect tool to clasp any material whatever their shape or size. Its 6-inch locking feature is a reliable choice for home or workshop projects. Its compact design is also great for toolkits for the traveling craftsman.

  • Precision Hold – Thanks to its adaptable swivel pads that automatically adjust according the surface’s form, you’ll always get that precise hold that will save you extra seconds without all the manual adjusting you’ve been used to doing.
  • Suitable For One- Hands Work – It is ergonomically designed for one-handed efficiency and ease of use when working on your projects. You’d want a clamp that will do a good (or perhaps even better) job than your two bare hands.