64 Piece Oil Pan Drain Sump Plug Key Thread Repair Tool Kit Set | M13-M20

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64 Piece Oil Pan Drain Sump Plug Key Thread Repair Tool Kit: M13-M20 


This master kit provides new enlarged thread and replacement drain plug screws

For use when existing threads are damaged or worn away or renew the damaged oil drain thread; Provide replacement of oil drain nut

Manufactured from the highest quality steel, hardened and tempered for maximum durability;

Covers a wide range of vehicle applications with 4 popular thread sizes;

Suitable for the most popular threads used on cars and light commercial vehicles.

64pc set includes following items display and storage in a solid molded pvc case:

4 x taps: M13 x 1.25P / M15 x 1.5P / M17 x 1.5P / M20 x 1.5P;

20 oil drain plugs: M13 x 1.25 (x5), M15 x 1.5 (x5), M17 x 1.5 (x5), M20 x 1.5 (x5);

40 x copper washers: 10 x M13, 10 x M15, 10 x M17, 10 x M20.


 Use instruction FYI:

1. Disassemble the damaged oil drain screw;

2. choose a tap for example if the original diameter of oil drain hole is M14 then operator needs a M15 tap;

3. Use a tap wrench to enlarge the diameter of oil drain hole;


4. Take a washer through the new drain plug and then insert a new oil drain plug