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7L Manual Pneumatic Oil Fuel Fluid Extractor Transfer Suction Vacuum Pump

  • Manual and pneumatic fluid extractor can be used automatically with standard shop air or manually when compressor air is not available (this makes this tool useable in all sorts of circumstances).
  • Suitable for the extraction of all types of engine oil, gear oil, coolant fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid from cars, motorcycles, marine engines, stationary engines and industrial machinery.
  • This extractor is also suitable for low viscosity fluids such as water so you can also use this item for draining fish tanks, basins and sinks.
  • Simple to use simply push the button and this allows you to suck liquids from tanks quickly and easily.
  • Supplied with 4mm, 6mm and 10mm suction probes.
Pneumatic Operation Steps:
  • Stick the extraction tube into the dipstick until the tube reaches the bottom of the oil pan, turn the air valve to open and then push the operating button.When the suction unit reaches full the extractor will automatically shut off leaving no spills or mess.
Manual Operation Steps:
  • With the engine turned off, open the front cover of the car and pull out the dipstick.
  • Adjust the upper locking clamp of the oil sucking pipe so that the length of the end of the oil pipe extending into the engine room is equal to the length of the dipstick.
  • Insert the oil suction pipe into the oil dipstick hole and make sure that it touches the engine oil pan.
  • Close the oil drain valve of the pumping unit.
  • Press the vacuum suction handle 4-6 times to extract all the waste oil.
Package includes:
  • 1x 7 Litre Pneumatic and Manual Fluid Extractor
  • 1x 0.31inch Suction Tube
  • 1x  0.21inch Suction Tube
  • 1x 0.14inch Suction Tube
  • 1x 0.14inch Brake Tube
  • 1x Wire Dipstick