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90° Right Angle Corner Clamp for Carpentry , Welding, Wood-working, Engineering, Photo Framing

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About this item

  • QUICK SETUP - The Corner Clamp boasts a solid antiskid rubberized single/double handle with adjustable rotary jaw for instant and secure setup, accommodating different wood thicknesses at a 90-degree angle.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Fabricated from sturdy aluminum, this clamp is both lightweight for easy handling and highly durable, ensuring it stands up to rigorous use over time.
  • PRECISION ALIGNMENT - Featuring oblong holes for easy mounting, a floating head, and an electroplating rotating spindle screw for precise alignment and holding of work pieces, it's the ideal tool for meticulous craftsmen.
  • VERSATILE CAPACITY - With a maximum clamping range of approximately 2.6in/65mm, jaw width of 3.74in/95mm, and jaw depth of 1.4in/35mm, this clamp can secure various materials like steel rods, metal tubes, wood, and thick glass.
  • MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS - Perfect for a multitude of tasks such as welding, framing, drilling, doweling, woodworking, cabinet making, furniture installation, and more, making it the best tool for both professional craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts.