Adjustable Centre Punch - 125mm

  • This is an automatic center punch used to produce a dimple in a workpiece. It performs the same function as an ordinary center punch but without the need for a hammer. When pressed against the workpiece, it stores energy in a spring, eventually releasing it as an impulse that drives the punch, producing the dimple. The impulse provided to the point of the punch is quite repeatable, allowing for uniform impressions to be made
  • The tip of this automatic center punch is made from high speed steel for high strength and durability
  • No hammer needed, with this automatic center tool, you can create a dimple in a workpiece quickly and easily
  • Usually used to mark the center of a point, the small dimple guide the tip of the drill and avoids slip or deviation which result in damaging
  • Suitable for punching on steel plate, aluminum, copper, wood plank and other materials to positioning holes