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Apco RapidPave Paving Enamel - Charcoal, 10 Litres

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PCO RapidPave is a premium hardwearing, durable single pack satin finish floor coating for interior and exterior use. Specially developed for high traffic areas, RapidPave is easy to apply and provides a showroom finish. Ideal for garage floors, driveways, carports, patio’s, workshop floors & more. RapidPave is fast drying and can be recoated in two hours. 

Production Description
APCO RapidPave Paving Enamel is a premium quality single pack, heavy duty, polyurethane-based paint with hard wearing properties. It is a tough coating with fast drying characteristics. The product can be recoated in 2 hours. RapidPave Paving Enamel is designed to protect and decorate concrete, and
timber surfaces. RapidPave Paving Enamel forms an attractive, protective and impervious coating on the substrate to protect against spillage of common fluids on it.

Areas of Application

  • Exterior and Interior applications. Suitable for protection of driveways, paths, verandas, courtyards and workshop floors made with timber & concrete.
  • This product is not suitable for use on clay pavers, terracotta surfaces, rubber, vinyl, surfaces exposed to the marine environment, and areas around pools. Not suitable for areas where ground water is likely to rise through the substrate.

Method of Application

  • Can be applied by brush, roller or spray. Please use the method best suited to your requirement and skill.
  • Do not apply in unfavourable weather conditions, or early morning and late afternoon where dew and frost are present. The addition of aggregate may be added to the coating to provide a slip resistant surface. Slip resistance is recommended on sloping or steep exterior surfaces


  •  Hard-wearing satin finish
  •  Interior & Exterior use
  •  Ideal for high traffic areas
  •  Resists hot tyre pick up.
  •  UV Resistant
  • Colour: Charcoal
  • Size:4 Litres or 10 Litres