Axe Hatchet Outdoor Survival Tool (with compass)

  •  Axe Hatchet Tomahawk Field Hand Camping Outdoor Survival Rescue Tool
  • Stainless steel metal axe with sharp blade and ergonomic handle, which has a hole for hanging at the end. Handle has compartment with screw lid and survival kit inside which contains a needle and thread. 


    Teflon Coated Moulded Hard Rubber Handle with Inbuilt Compass and Survival Kit

  • Small compartment in handle with survivor kit (hooks + line, bandage ,matches and a compass)

  • Full tang construction

  • 420A stainless steel

  • 56HRC hardness

  • 5.8 mm blade thickness

  • 123 mm cutting blade length

  • 125 mm handle length

  • 290 mm overall length

  • Nylon Sheath Included