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Bird Scarer Reflective Eyes Balloon Bird Repellent | 3 Pack | Keep Birds Away from Garden


  • Drive Birds Away - Balloon Bird Repellent imitates the glaring eyes of predators which most pest birds are afraid of. You can paste the 6 reflective and bright-colored Mylar eyes onto the balloon. They are especially horrible when there is a breeze or under direct sunlight.
  • Best Material -  Balloon Bird Repellent is made from premium material which is tough, tear-resistant and weather-resistant. So it is durable enough for a long time service.
  • Humane and Environmental -this Scare Eyes Balloon is made from best innocuous material. It will never injure any animal in any way. So it is a wildlife friendly tool to scare birds away.
  • Easy to Set up - With the small hole on the top of the ballon, you can use the 2 strings(which is included in the package) and then hang  Scare Eyes Bird Repellent on tree branches or any area you want. Besides, the inflatable balloons can float on the water so as to keep unwanted feathered guests away and give you a shining clean pool.
  • Useful -  Horror Eyes Balloon is helpful to keep unwanted birds from your home, garden, balcony, fruit trees and anywhere else. With Balloon Bird Repellent, you can easily create your anti-bird zone.