Cabot's 250ml Jarrah Oil Based Interior Stain

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- Cabot's 250ml Jarrah Oil Based Interior Stain


  • Enhances timber grain

  • Easy to apply

  • Clear top coat required

  • Oil enriched

Cabot's Interior Stain Oil Based is a penetrating stain for interior doors, windows, trim and furniture. This oil-enriched formula rejuvenates and transforms interior timber, whilst enhancing the natural grain. Available in a variety of naturally beautiful wood stain colours.


Note: Fill nail holes, cracks and other defects with Cabot’s WoodTone Putty after applying the first coat of this product for accurate colour matching. Remove stains, dirt, wax, grease and oil with mineral turpentine. Remove any polish with a suitable floor polish remover.

Bare Timber

Sand the surface smooth using 180 - 240 grit sandpaper. Sand only in the direction of the grain. Remove all traces of sanding dust.

Previously Coated Timber

Completely remove the previous coating using a paint stripper or by sanding. Remove all traces of sanding dust.


The natural colour of the timber will affect the finished colour of the stain. The clear coating used to seal the stain may also have some affect on the final colour. Always test the stain on an off cut or concealed part of the actual job before proceeding.

Staining a Floor

For the best method of staining a floor, please refer to the Cabot's Stain & Varnish range.


Apply with a brush, rag, or roller.

1. Stir thoroughly with a broad flat paddle until pigment is mixed in and colour is uniform. Keep well stirred during use. If using more than one can, mix all cans together into a larger container to ensure colour uniformity.

2. Apply with a good quality brush, roller or lint free rag and work the stain evenly into the grain.

3. Allow to set for 2-10 minutes then rub with a clean soft cloth using a circular motion to remove any excess stain and produce an even coloured surface. The intensity of the colour will depend on porosity of timber and the length of time before the stain is wiped off.
4. Allow 8 hours drying time.
5. Apply Cabot's Cabothane Clear Oil Based or Cabot's Danish Oil as a top coat following label instructions.


Regular inspection of all coated surfaces is recommended.

Once water repellency has diminished, re-apply the existing topcoat as per label instructions..

If the timber needs re-staining, sand back to bare.