9 Piece HSS Drill Bit Set (Masonary, Metal & Wood)

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Procuct Name 9Pcs Metric Combination Drill Bit Set in Plastic Box

3Pcs HSS Drill Bit: 5, 6, 8mm

3Pcs Masonry Dill Bit: 5, 6, 8mm

3Pcs Wood Drill Bit: 5, 6, 8mm


HSS Drill Bit: HSS

Masonry Drill Bit: Body: Carbon Steel          Tip: Tungsten Carbide

Wood Drill Bit: Carbon Steel


HSS Drill Bit: Rolled & Polished

Masonry Drill Bit: Milled Flute and Welded Tip

Wood Drill Bit: Rolled

Flute Type

HSS Drill Bit: Type N Regular Flute

Masonry Drill Bit: S4 Flute

Wood Drill Bit: Type N Regular Flute

Surface Finish

HSS Drill Bit: Titanium Coated

Masonry Drill Bit: Sand Blasted

Wood Drill Bit: Black & Bright

Package 9Pcs Drill Bits Packed in One Plastic Box

1. For metal, pvc and plastic drilling - HSS drill bits (made from High Speed Steel)
2. For masonry, wall, glass and tile drilling - masonry drill bits (the shank is made from carbon steel or chrome steel, the tip is made from tungsten carbide)
3. For wood drilling - brad point drill bits, flat drill bits and auger bits (usually made from carbon steel, sometimes made from HSS steel for special purpose)

4.Whether it’s a home improvement job or a more complex building project, the set giving you a variety of tools for a multitude of DIY tasks.

5.A combined set with drills of various types (for wood, metal, concrete) of the most common sizes,It is designed for household use.