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Kamikaze 4 pack with Lure Bag - Bella A

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Our Kamikaze Hard Lures are all hand made and painted several times with qaulity paint materials to the highest possible standard.

Individually tuned on a lathe to achieve the perfect balance that ensures excellent swimming actions, to further enhance this swimming motions all lures undergo a process of optimization using computer-aided analysis and underwater observation.

All Kamikaze Hard Lures are rigged for your convenience using the highest grade of chemically sharpened Kamikaze 3X Perma Steel treble hooks.

Our design engineers took proven hard bait body styles back to the drawing board and, after rigorous testing, came up with the ultimate in fishing technology.

Our hard baits have flawless, high-sheen and matt finishes with intricate etched detail. 3-D eyes finish the realistic look.

These lures are professionally presented in a all weather cloth lure bag which comes with this offering. The lure bag will assist you in better managing your tackle box.

Kamikaze continues in its quest for quality, innovation and perfection as demonstrated year after year with trend setting product introductions, and excellent fishing results at Fishing Tournaments.