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Kamikaze Rockstar 50g Metal Lures - 2Pk

The Kamikaze Rockstar metal lures are one of the versatile fishing products ever designed, and are useful for many fishing applications. Not only do these lures work in all depths of water, but are effective in all aspects of lure use. The range of sizes, match most baitfish profiles. Their weights allow them to be spun, jigged and trolled, even on a downrigger. Their angled design allows for maximum casting, a "dart and weaving" like action on retrieve at all but slow speeds for spinning, and a brilliant fluttering action on the drop for jigging.

They will work on a huge range of species from large ocean Tuna, to deep bottom dwellers like Grouper, to a mixture of tropical pelagics and even the smallest Trout and Bass in rivers streams and lakes. Available in seven sizes from 10-55gms, and in a number of high quality finishes and hook variations, the diversity of this lure is only governed by the user's fishing knowledge and imagination.

Weight: 50g

Color: 2A and 2C