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WAHOO MAGIC 9" Trolling Lure Blue/White

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Our new range of Wahoo and Spanish Mackeral Game Lures, are a must in any spread when targetting these fish.

Wahoo Magic are pretty simple. Unfortunately, wahoo seem to be such loners that it is relatively hard to get more than one or two lucky chances in a day's trolling. The best way to increase your daily wahoo numbers is to get ready to fish for them with the right lures and by being sure that you are deploying the right rigs.

It is pretty common knowledge that wahoo like to come straight up on their prey. They often miss the baits that they "skyrocket." A lot of good fishermen will fish purple/black combinations on the surface with their trolled baits in order to give a more visible silhouette and an easier target for wahoo.

The Wahoo Magic is a lightly weighted lures. It can be used as a surface trolling lure, behind a bird. It is also effective as a first strike lure pulled on a downrigger or planer at around 15 feet down.

It can be rigged using any style you wish, please see our other products such as wire, crimps and stainless steel hooks to make your own rig.