Motsenbocker’s Lift Off STICKY OILY GREASY 

 GOO Remover Remove sticky Stickers Price Tags Tape Gum glue

Motsenbocker's LIFT OFF Sticky, Oily & Greasy Stains & Tape Remover is a patented low/NO-VOC formula, effective for virtually all grease, gum, oily and adhesive problems on carpet, fabric, hard surfaces, vinyl, metal, tile and more. 
Safely Removes: 
Gum, Crayons, Pencil Marks, Stickers & Tape, Salad Dressing, Bugs & Tar, Motor Oil, Lipstick, Wax and more. 
Works On: 
Carpet, Fabric, Hard Surfaces, Fiberglass, Vinyl, Metal, Tile, Painted & Unpainted Walls, Floors, Counter-tops, Upholstery, Concrete, Brick, Linoleum, Furniture, Street Signs and more . Environmentally Friendly: Low VOC
Made in USA.