Performix Plasti Dip Metalizer Red Metallic (6 Cans) 311g

6 Cans 11 OZ (311g)

Plasti Dip is the perfect solution for adding a little bit of customisable flair to your project, whether coating wheels, paintwork or a massive range of other applications. This spray-on, peel off paint is perfect for trialling new colours or designs without committing to a costly and time-consuming permanent respray, as well as providing an additional protective layer for the paintwork underneath. Tested in temperatures ranging from -34°C to +93°C, this rubber paint is super resistant to cracking, chipping and brittleness, capable of surviving weather events, cleaning chemicals, impacts and abrasions for a durable finish. This Red Plasti Dip spray can provides a Red metallic coating on top of coloured Plasti Dip base coats.


  • Spray-on, peel-off flexible rubber coating suitable for hundreds of different applications
  • Super easy to remove from most surfaces whenever you choose
  • Resists weather, cleaning chemicals, impact and abrasion for a tough and durable finish
  • Proven in temperatures from -34 to 93°c providing a wide range of customisation capabilities
  • Creates a Red metallic style finish over the top of other Plasti Dip colours