Rust-Oleum Krud Kutter Concentrated Tough Task Remover 946ml - Rustoleum

Please Note: Krud Kutter Tough Task & Rust-oleum Tough Task are exactly the same product - product label may vary from the two when sent out

Rust-Oleum® Tough Task Remover is a water-based biodegradable, non-toxic cleaner designed to remove really tough soils quickly and effectively from many different surfaces. It can be used for use on most indoor, outdoor, automotive and marine surfaces. It is colour fast, fabric safe and leaves no residue.

It is formulated to safely and easily remove:

- Chewing Gum - Bumper Stickers - Labels
- Masking Tape - Most Glues - Marker Ink
- Dried Latex Paint - Printer's Ink - Crayon
- Lipstick - Shoe Polish - Tar & Asphalt
- Brake Dust - Oil & Grease - Soap Scum
- Mildew Stains - Scuff Marks - And More! 

946ml Spray

CONTAINS: Water (7732-18-5), Ethoxylated alcohol (Proprietary), Sodium Metasilicate (6834-92-0), Glutamic acid, N-diacetic acid, Tetra sodium salt (51981-21-6), Anionic Surfactant (1300-72-7), Potassium Hydroxide (1310-58-3), Propylene Glycol (57-55-6).