Rustoleum Zinsser bamboo oil10 Litre - Transparent Black Gloss

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Rust-oleum Zinsser bamboo oil 10 litre

Rustoleum Zinsser® Bamboo Oil is a water-based exterior top coat sealer designed specifically for bamboo surfaces. The best way to maintain the condition and lengthen the life of bamboo is to seal it and Zinsser’s Bamboo Oil delivers the ultimate protection for your bamboo. Zinsser Bamboo Oil is easy to apply, self-priming and protects against the sun’s harsh UV rays. Zinsser Bamboo Oil dries to an enhanced gloss transparent finish.

Recommended For:

Exterior bamboo surfaces, both horizontal and vertical. Also great for use on screen fences, gates, cladding and exterior doors and furniture.


10 L Bamboo Oil Black 335942


Deep penetrating formula, UV protection, water repellent, Dirt & Mould protection PRODUCT APPLICATION READ ALL DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE BEGINNING PROJECT SURFACE PREPARATION The performance of Zinsser Bamboo Oil depends on the quality of the surface preparation. Do not apply Zinsser Bamboo Oil on wet bamboo as this may cause film defects, such as loss of adhesion and uneven pigmentation.

NEW BAMBOO SURFACES: All grease, oil, grime, sap, and other contaminants must be removed with a cleaning solution, such as Zinsser® Deck Bright, using a soft bristle broom or brush.