SCA Super Cut Polish 300g

Product Info

SCA Super Cut Polish is a great choice to restore dull, faded and aged paint work back to a glossy, like-new finish without using any harsh abrasives. Also great for reducing the appearance of scratches and scuff and to remove paint transfer or soot build up. This cream style polish features an easy on, easy off formula for fast results without excessive buffing. Suitable for use with foam and microfibre applicators or even with a random orbital polisher. For a glass-smooth finish follow application of Super Cut Polish with SCA Cream Polish.


  • Restores dull, faded, and weathered paintwork ready for final polishing
  • Easy on, easy off formula reduces excessive final buffing
  • Contains no harsh abrasives which can cause micro-scratches and swirls
  • The strongest and fastest polish in the SCA range, follow up with SCA Cream Polish (PLU 339248)