Single Hand Riveter

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About this product

  • Single Hand Riveter.
  • High Chrome Aliminium Die Cast Housing.
  •  Tow Jawa System/Chrome Steel & Heat Treated.

Nosepiece Sizes

2.4mm  3/32"
3.2mm 1/8"
4.0mm 5/32"
4.8mm 3/16"


  1. Versatile hand tool: Designed for installing rivets in a variety of materials.

  2. One-handed operation: Allows the user to hold and position the workpiece with the other hand.

  3. Spring-loaded plunger: Pushes the rivet into place.

  4. Interchangeable nosepiece: Enables the installation of different sizes of rivets.

  5. Widely used: Ideal for construction, manufacturing, and other industries where fast, efficient installation of rivets is required.

  6. Convenient and practical: Lightweight and easy to use.