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Snapper Mates 3/0 Paternoster Premade Rig - White 2 Rigs

These rigs are built around Kamikaze famous high carbon steel, chemically sharpened Black Nickel 3/0 recurve circle hooks. Fish usually hook themselves in the corner of the mouth - allowing easy hook removal.

A special super rust-resistant coating is used on these hooks to ensure a long life.

Soft 8 hour super-lumo beads make rigs even more enticing in deep water or at night.

You can improve the effectiveness even further by adding a small triangle of bait, but avoid blocking the gape.

Ideal for fishing from the beach, rocks, pier or boat. IGFA legal for tournament use or record claims.

Avoid striking when you feel a bite, just gently lift your rod tip as the fish takes.

Kamikaze flies and flasher rigs are designed and tested here in Australia and tied, assembled and packaged in 100% by hand in South East Asia.

Very effective with all fish species in particular Snapper.

Hook Size: 3/0

Color: White

Line Class: 30lb

Qty: 2 Per Pack