5 Piece HSS Step Drill Bit Set

About this item

  • 5 Piece HSS High Speed Step Drill Bit Set 
  • Constructed of M35(cobalt 5%), HSS M2, HSS
  • Comes with handy aluminum storage case
  • Our 5 piece step drill bits set replaces 50 individual drill bits, saving you time, money and space. Our two-flute design gives you faster, smoother cutting.
  • The large bit has 3-sided shank and small bits have hex shank to prevent slip in drill chuck.
  • This is a new type of HSS 4241 steel large step taper drill cobalt coated to reduce friction and run cooler.
  • Constructed of cobalt steel with titanium coating ensures the bits have exceptional durability and will stay sharp for many years.
  • Suitable for cutting holes in various materials, including carbon steel, brass, wood, plastic, etc.