U Type Double Ring Spanner - 5 Piece Set

Product details

Adopted curved design, the wrench can be used for maximum access in confined areas.
Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel.
Features: Durable, Easy to Operate, Repair Tool, Double Ended
Size Details: (Wrench Set with Five Size)

Wrench Specification: 8mm x 10mm, Wrench Length: 128mm/5.04" (Approx.)
Wrench Specification: 11mm x 13mm, Wrench Length: 148mm/5.83" (Approx.)
Wrench Specification: 14mm x 15mm, Wrench Length: 170mm/6.69" (Approx.)
Wrench Specification: 17mm x 19mm, Wrench Length: 195mm/7.68" (Approx.)
Wrench Specification: 21mm x 22mm, Wrench Length: 225mm/8.86" (Approx.)