Zinsser Rustoleum Timber Clean - 4litre

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Zinsser®Timber Clean is a tannin/oil remover of all new and aged timber species. It is designed to remove all tannin, sap, natural oil and oil coatings from timber. All timber must be washed and dried prior to coating with Zinsser®Timber & Decking Finish.

Recommended For: Exterior timber surfaces. PRODUCT



 Removes tannins, stains, natural oils and most solvent based oil coatings

 Prepares new and aged timber

 Environmentally friendly, biodegradable






Remove any surface dirt and loose material by sweeping or blowing.


Mix one (1) part Zinsser Timber Clean to ten (10) parts cold water in a plastic container. For heavily oiled timber, reduce the cold water to six (6) parts to increase the strength of Zinsser Timber Clean.



APPLICATION TIPS:Wear gloves, protective eyewear and appropriate footwear when applying Zinsser Timber Clean.


Wet the timber surface thoroughly, as well as any plants, lawn, pathor walls that may come in contact with the product prior to application of the solution. Apply a generous amount of Zinsser Timber Clean to the surface using a mop or pump spray to small sections at a time, approximately 10m², and agitate with a stiff deck broom or mechanical scrubber. After scrubbing, leave the solution on the surface for 2-3 minutes ensuring that the timber surface remains wet at all times.

Note:Timber discolouration may occur if Zinsser Timber Clean is left on longer than 2-3 minutes of application . If the timber surface begins to dry, spray with more water. Wash the surface thoroughly with a garden hose or pressure cleaner using a wide fan nozzle and no more than 1000 PSI pressure. Do not forget to rinse any cleaning residue from affected vegetation or painted surfaces. Zinsser Timber Clean should not come into contact with metal surfaces.


While the timber surface is still wet, mix Zinsser®Timber Prep acid solution at a rate of one (1) part to eight (8) parts water and apply to the timber surface the same way as Zinsser Timber Clean, to neutralize and brighten the timber. This is very important to ensure that the new coating will fully attach to the timber and look its best when applied. Zinsser Timber Prep can be quickly agitated with a stiff bristle broom or scrubber and be removed by water from a garden hose or pressure cleaner. During this process, in conjunction with the application of Zinsser Timber Clean, Zinsser Timber Prep can be removed shortly after agitation.

Note:Zinsser Timber Prep should be used as the final part of any preparation to neutralize the timber prior to application of the Zinsser Timber & Decking Finish. All pre-treatment must be done while the timber is wet. Failure to do so may result in film defects of subsequent oiled surfaces

DRY TIME:Allow up to 24 hours to dry depending on the surface temperature before applying Zinsser Timber & Decking Finish.

COVERAGE:5–10m² per litre when diluted depending on the porosity and texture of the timber.

DISPOSAL:Keep unwanted products in sealed containers and dispose of at chemical waste collection depots. Do not put down drains.

NOTE:Not for interior floors or furniture.