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KAMIKAZE Knife Jigs | 200grAMS | Colour: 07043

Weight: 200grams

You're headed out on the ocean for some bottom fishing. You're thinking of how great it would be to let your jigs down to the bottom and hook into a nice Red Snapper or King Fish

That sure sounds good for dinner, doesn't it? So, you're standing in the tackle store, puzzled at whether you should buy the Shimano Butterfly jig or the Kamikaze Knife Jig.

Well, we proud to say that there is very little difference in the design, rigging and quality of these two Jigs, with the only discerning difference is how light the Kamikaze Jigs will make your wallett feel.

Our Kamikaze Knife Jigs jigs come in long flat-side. The long jigs are capable of horizontal actions.

There are five regular size jigs ranging in size from 120mm through to 180mm. They weigh from 60grams to 200 grams, and are available in several flashy colors. Each Jig comes with a asymmetrical 3-D shape of the longer Butterfly jigs providing a tremendous amount of side-to-side movement during the retrieve, and a unique roll-and-wobble action on the fall, and the center of gravity of these jigs makes them dart long distances while retrieving, giving them horizontal action that's common with surface lures."

Unlike the Shimano Butterfly jigs that don't come cheap, our Kamikaze Knife Jigs, rigged in a similar style as Shimano Butterfly Jig sells for between $4 and $10 each, which represent a 60% discount to the Shimano Butterfly Jig.