(2 PACK) - ZINSSER Stain & Varnish 946ml - RUSTOLEUM (Interior) - EBONY


Zinsser Stain & Varnish is the ultimate convenience product for staining and finishing. This revolutionary water-based formula allows you to apply both stain and polyurethane in one easy step with the ease of soap and water clean-up. Fast drying and virtually odourless, the combination of wood stain and polyurethane into one product allows projects with a durable semi-gloss finish. Highlight wood’s beauty on furniture, cabinets, and more using Zinsser Stain & Varnish. 

not recommended for floors or exterior surfaces. 

  • 946ml x 2 tins 
  • One coat application - complete projects 5X faster! 
  • Rich colour and smooth finish
  • Superior scratch resistance
  • Rust-Oleum product