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Gimble Belt Fight Control Systems STAND UP BATTLE STATION Size 35"

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Kamikaze - Fight Control Systems - Stand Up "Battle Station" - Size 35"

Includes both BELT, GIMBLE and STRAPS.

Perfect for the stand-up tuna fishermen along the Australian coastal waters. Regardless of where you fish and what you fish for - The Kamikaze Stand Up "Battle Station" is designed to meet the needs of stand-up big game fishermen everywhere.

When the action is fast and furious, The Kamikaze Stand up "Battle Station" meets that demand because it is lightweight and can be worn all day. The 12" wide dual padded waist and buttocks supports are ideal for those of us who have lower back concerns. The effort exerted to fight a fish standing up without the proper belt will put a major strain on the lower back.

The Kamikaze - Stand Up "Battle Station" transfers that effort exerted on the lower back to the larger muscles of the buttocks and upper legs.

The Kamikaze - Stand up "Battle Station" is a stand up system.

For those of you who "live on the edge" and enjoy the thrill of extreme sports, big game fishing is no exception.

The combination of total body weight and the lower center of gravity gives the angler the advantage! Includes 2 dropstraps, dual adjust side release buckle.