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Fishing Pirate Knife Jigs - Kamikaze Buccaneer - Twin Packs

Twin Pack

The Kamikaze Pirate Knife Jigs unique head shape is designed for attaching multiple connection points to optimize the lure's movement - so you can adjust your style to different fishing situations. Simply drop to the bottom, slowly wind, hang on, and wait for the fish to attack the lure!

Fishing method:
The top connection point is used when fishing vertically is preferred. A slow stuttered retrieve will prove irresistible for reef species such as Snapper, while a quicker jigging action can be used to target Kingfish and other pelagic species. The middle tow point can be used to generate a wobbling action when retrieved slowly, the applications for this jig are endless. For realistic action the Pirates incorporates a free swinging squid skirt, which is ready to fish with two heavy duty assist hooks.

  • Bright colours and distress stripes
  • Unique head shape design
  • Kevlar assist cord
  • Multiple connection points to optimize lure movement
  • Top connection point: used when fishing vertically is preferred
  • Free swinging squid skirt
  • Two heavy duty razor-sharp assist hooks