Tyre Inflator and gauge kit

Tyre inflator with gauge 


  • Nitto style fitting connection 

If you spend lots of time working on your car or simply tinkering with your vehicles, then look no further as this product may be a handy addition to your garage!

This Tyre Inflator and Gauge Kit is the ideal garage tool for avid project car enthusiast or home DIYers who want to save some dollars servicing their own daily drivers.

In order to work on the tyres on your car, this tyre inflator will make checking the pressure in your tyres a breeze and are the go-to tool for mechanics! This Tyre Inflator Gauge Kit is purpose made for this job.

It is a really simple and effective way to help ensure that your tyres can still grip and stick to road, keeping you safe. There are a couple of easy ways to do this, but the dial gauge is the most accurate way.