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14" / 35cm Rivet Nut Tool | Nutsert Riveting Gun Riveter | Metric, SAE | 80 Piece set

  • One Sight rivet nut tool rivet nut kit is equipped with 8pcs SAE and Metric interchangeable mandrel parts (M6, M8, M10, 1/4-20*2, 10-24, 5/16-18, 3/8-16) and 110pcs rivet nuts (M6 *15, M8 *10, M10 *10, SAE 1/4-20 *35, SAE10-24 *10, 5/16-18 *15, 3/8-16 *15)
  • The ergonomic long arm and rubbery handle enable you to save 50% effort than normal rivet nut tools. The flexible mandrel design ensures more convenient replacement and maintenance within shorter time
  • One Sight rivet nut tool metric&SAE is made of thick carbon steel, whose surface has benn heat treated, sturdy and corrosion resistant. Has a longer service life
  • Various application scenarios. It provides professional solutions for the installation of metal plates of jeep fenders, bicycle and car accessories and hardware furniture
How to Use
1. Open the arms completely and load the rivet nut
2. Insert the rivet into the hole
3. Press the handles and rivet the nut in place
4. Rotate the rod to unload the rivet gun
How to Change Mandrels
1. Remove nosepiece by unthreading the nosepiece counterclockwise, which can be either by hand or spanner if too tight
2. Use the sharp point of the spanner to detach the cross pin
3. Pull the mandrel out of the hole
4. Replace the another mandrel