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15kg Gripset Betta Cementitious Waterproofing Membrane | 15L Bucket

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Cementitious Waterproofing Membrane - 15kg Bucket

Cementitious Waterproofing Membrane is a flexible cement based membrane and adhesive that offers unique properties for numerous waterproofing projects. It offers the durability of cement based coatings with the flexible properties of a liquid membrane. In the form of a powder, water is simply added to create a membrane or adhesive.

Colour: Choice of Black or Blue
Sizes: 15 kg

Features & Benefits

  • Non flammable and non toxic
  • User friendly and environmentally safe
  • Able to be used as a waterproof membrane, sealing slurry or flexible high strength tile adhesive
  • Withstands continuously wet conditions, including immersion
  • Flexible, with good crack bridging properties
  • Fast drying, high bonding and non shrinking
  • Suitable for potable water applications


  • Internal and external wet areas
  • Water tanks, swimming pools and water features
  • Fish ponds, landscaped areas, planters
  • Balconies, podiums, and terraces
  • Retaining walls, exterior cellar walls and basements
  • Concrete protection against aggressive elements, e.g. salt, chlorides

How To Use

Surface Preparation
Surfaces must be prepared thoroughly before commencing. Surfaces are to be sound, stable, dry and clean, free of loose foreign matter including any surface residues or existing coatings. Buildings are to be constructed to relevant building standards and manufacturer’s recommendations are to be followed for all building materials used.

Gripset Betta waterproofing system is made up of 3 stages:

  • Priming
  • Detailing
  • Membranes


Priming is an important step in the application to optimise surface adhesion. Recommended primers for Pond Waterproofing Membrane

  • Prep coat & Additive: Non tack primer coat for porous surfaces
  • Super Primer: For non porous and smooth surfaces
  • Damp Stop: For surfaces subjected to rising damp or residual moisture

Mixing and Applying

Before using Pond Waterproofing Membrane you will need:

  • An electric stirrer, drill with paddle attachment
  • Measuring jug or cup
  • Clean water

Then follow these steps:

  • Calculate water required, pouring 2/3 of water needed into the empty pail supplied
  • Measure powder required and slowly add to water. Start mixing with electric stirrer and paddle at a slow-medium speed. Mix until a lump free consistency is formed
  • Add the remaining 1/3 of water and mix until a lump free slurry is formed
  • Allow to settle for 1–2 minutes, lightly re-stir then use

Forming a membrane Mixing water to be added:

750–900 mL/4 kg unit, forming approx 3.5 Litres of wet membrane; 2.7–3.3 Litres/15 kg unit, forming approx 12.5 Litres of wet membrane. Pot life once mixed is 45–60 minutes.
Forming an adhesive Mixing water to be added: 600–720 mL/4 kg unit; 2.25–2.7 Litres/15 kg unit.
Pot life once mixed is 20–40 minutes.

Membrane Coverage

For general applications, apply 2 coats at a total minimum coverage of 1.5 Litre/m² to form a 1.2 mm dried film. For immersed areas, apply 3 liberal coats at a total minimum coverage of 2 Litres/m² to form a 1.8 mm dried film. Coverage is dependent upon surface condition; greater coverage may be required on uneven and porous surfaces. Apply by roller (medium nap), stiff brush, trowel, spatula or spray unit. For adhesive applications, using a 6mm notch trowel, 1 m² will require 2.5 kg of powder.

General Information

Drying time

Tack Free
Dry Film
Tiling or toppings over
Curing for immersion
30-60 minutes
1-2 hours
8 hours
24 hours
10 days

* Based on normal ambient conditions of 20ºC.
Temperature, humidity and porosity will vary dry times.

Note – For potable water applications, wash down surface and remove first water before using for drinking purposes.


  • Do not apply to surface temperatures below 5°C or above 30°C
  • In areas subject to negative pressure or rising damp, first treat with Betta Damp Stop primer
  • Finish toppings must be water based and solvent free
  • Do not modify with any other additives
  • Thickness of applied coatings should not exceed 5mm
  • Pot life will be reduced in warm and dry conditions


  • Before commencing the application, adhesion of products to be used (primers, membranes, coatings) should be tested over a typical area of the prepared surface to ensure satisfactory adhesion
  • Incorporate Gripset Betta Prep Coat & Additive into renders/screeds to be applied over membrane.
  • Betta Pond Waterproofing Membrane tile adhesive or polymer modified cement based adhesives to be used for tiling
  • Bed tiles into wet bed of adhesive. Do not let adhesive on skin
  • If spraying, unit must be able to handle fine sand