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220 Piece Wire Connector Twist Nuts Cap Set Assortment Kit

  •  Wire Connectors Nuts
  • 220 Pcs Electrical Wire Caps Connectors Kit, Insulating Insert Twist Nuts Assortment Set for Quick Connection (Red/Yellow/Orange/Blue/Grey)
  • The shell of the wire connector kit is made of thermoplastic engineering plastic, which has good insulation and is not easy to age. The inside is made of galvanized carbon steel spring, which is tough and firm, and the winding is tight and not loose. It can effectively prevent the unstable connection of the leakage box and enhance the safety.

Specification of Electrical Wire Connectors Kit

This wire nut set has 5 different color wire caps. Different sizes correspond to different colors, you can easily identify and select according to the label of the box. What's more, this wire nut can connect wires without soldering, just push the wire with the stripped insulation into the connector and tighten it, saving time and effort.


How to Use Electrical Twist Nuts Caps Wire Connectors

  • Connect wires without soldering! No electrical tape needed! No tools necessary!
  • For copper to copper connections.
  • Cone-shaped springs pull wires into the connectors for a firm grip.
  • Pretwisting wires is not required.