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4.5inch Heavy Duty Bench Vice Table Clamp

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About this item
  • MULTI-JAW DESIGN - Versatile 4.5" bench vise offers multi-jaw function, perfectly clamping both flat and round materials without causing surface damage. Ideal for woodworking, welding, and more.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Industrial-strength, crafted from premium gray iron, this workbench tool ensures longevity even with heavy-duty use. A robust choice for any shop or home setup.
  • USER-FRIENDLY INSTALL - Whether a pro or novice, easily set up this bench clamp on your table or workbench. It offers a stable base for any drill, press, or milling tasks.
  • PRECISE SWIVEL - Featuring a 240-degree swivel locking base, this precision vise guarantees accurate work. With Throat Depth of 2-11/32 inches, Jaw Opening of 3-3/4 inches, and width of 4.5 inches; it's designed for optimal functionality.
  • MAGNETIC JAW PAD - This kit includes 4-inch thermoplastic polyurethane jaw covers with a special diamond pattern, ensuring grip and product safety. Magnetic design fits a variety of vises, providing ultimate protection during clamping.