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6 Piece Double Offset Box End Ratcheting Wrench Set

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EFFICIENT RATCHETING - Featuring 12 point box ends for quick engagement with fasteners and prevention of round-off, the wrench set provides efficient ratcheting capabilities. The top-quality gears arc, especially designed for tight spaces, significantly improves your work efficiency and makes every repair project much easier to handle.
REVERSIBLE DESIGN - Each end of these ratcheting head reversible double offset wrenches incorporates a reversing lever. This design allows you to turn fasteners in reverse without removing the wrench, enhancing the usability of the tool. The 12-point ratchet gear is also suitable for hexagon nuts, 12-point nuts, and other shapes of nuts, making it a truly universal tool.
OPTIMAL CLEARANCE - This Metric Ratchet Box Wrench Set offers an ingenious offset design at 25°. Both box ends tilt at a large angle, creating the much-needed clearance for easy and convenient use in confined spaces such as under sinks or car hoods. This makes the wrench set a valuable companion for both professional and DIY mechanics.
DURABLE QUALITY - The set is manufactured from high-quality steel with a sandblasting finish, chrome-plated for rust resistance, and the body is securely fixed by four rivets. These reversible ratchet wrenches are heavier than ordinary ones, ensuring stability and greater torque during use. With such reliability, this set of socket spanner tools stands out in your tool kit.
COMPACT AND PORTABLE - Included in the set is a convenient storage bag, making it easy to carry around your 6-piece reversible ratchet wrench set. Each wrench has two different sized box ends, equipped with a 25° offset, forward and reverse ratcheting, and a 72-tooth 5° swing arc. Packed in an extra-thick durable rack, this wrench set becomes the most practical tool set for all time.
Package Includes:
6x Ratchet Wrench (6-21MM)