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600 Piece Terminal Crimping Tool

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1.High-quality professional crimping pliers, with self-adjusting ratchet mechanism, for insulated and uninsulated ferrule terminals, wire ferrule and end sleeves: 0.5-1.5mm², ferrule crimping machine: AWG26-16 SN-48B.

2.Handle design in line with human body mechanics, comfortable handle, non-slip durable, reasonable ratchet linkage mechanism, the operation and crimping is more convenient.

3.The crimp stripper body material: high strength carbon steel; handle material: durable TPU material, long service life.

4.With 300 pairs of Male &Female spade crimp terminal+Insulating Sleeve, 3 different sizes, 100% brand new compliance with all relevant European standards, enclosed in plastic case for easy access.

5.Female and male spade crimp terminal easy to wiring, complies with all relevant European Standards, suitable for all kinds of equipment switches, batteries, cars, bridge heap, household appliances, electronic components with pins and so on.


Crimping capacity: 0.5-1.5mm²

AWG: 26-16

For 2.8/3.96/4.8/5.08/6.3 mm grounding terminal connector

length :190mm

Female Spade Terminal:

Material: brass+plastic

Color: Gold & transparent

Size: 2.8mm, 4.8mm, 6.3mm

Thickness: 0.4mm, 0.35mm, 0.25mm

Quantity: 600pcs

Package Included:

1 x SN-48B Crimp Plier Tool

50 x 2.8mm Female Spade Terminals

50 x 2.8mm male Spade Terminals

50 x 4.8mm Female Spade Terminals

50 x 4.8mm male Spade Terminals

50 x 6.3mm Female Spade Terminals

50 x 6.3mm male Spade Terminals

100 x 2.8 mm Insulating sleeve

100 x 4.8mm Insulating sleeve

100 x 6.3 mm Insulating sleeve