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Motortech Degreaser 400g - MT001

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Motortech Degreaser - 400 grams

  • Heavy Duty trade quality degreaser. Simply spray on and hose off.
  • Degreases engine & transmission parts on all vehicles
  • Removes oil & other deposits from concrete paths & all other masonry surfaces
  • Degreases tractors and trailer parts, stationary machinery, mowers, forklifts & cranes
  • Cleans chain saws & all tools


Garage and Workshop essential - get things gleaming with Motortech Heavy Duty Degreaser

Remove stubborn oil and dirt on engines, gearboxes, diffs, transfer cases and engine bays to spot leaks or just avoid unnecessary mess when performing basic services and extensive repairs. Motortech degreaser actively lifts filth, dirt, grease and oil so using it is as simple as spraying on and hosing off or wiping down with a rag. For tougher build ups where deposits have solidified, we recommend agitating the surface with a quality wire brush to loosen up the grease and oil. Cleaning up after a spill or about to tackle something deep down in your engine bay? Start with a clean slate and get things looking brand new before you start wrenching with a can of Motortech industry grade degreaser. A quality degreaser is one of the main workshop or garage essentials when dealing with dirt and grease build-up on old project cars or daily drivers that see constant filth and road grime.

Motortech Degreaser is perfect for cleaning up too. Being hassled about removing oil spills or stains on the driveway? Simply spray some Motortech Degreaser on and hose it off. Motortech heavy-duty Degreaser removes oil and grime from virtually all surfaces including concrete paths and other masonry surfaces. You'll find it pretty satisfying and addictive and will start looking for any job big or small just to spray and hose off. Once you've got the bug for obsessive cleaning, shop our whole range of degreasers and cleaners on the website or head into your local Repco store and speak with one our friendly staff today.

  • MT001