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Tacklife 61 in 1 Screwdriver Bit Set, Magnetic Driver Kit

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Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel
Drive system:Torx, Phillips

Tacklife Screw Bit Set can be used with screw guns or power drivers. The strength and durability of manganous phosphate treatment surfaces with maximised rust and corrosion protection make them a great choice for demanding work, and that dependability is exactly why you wanna get from Tacklife. The calibrated hardening process used in the creation of these tools allows them to provide higher torque and improved driving power, so you get jobs done faster and more efficiently. And they come neatly packaged in a unique Tacklife case with a corresponding sticker, so you needn't always consider loss and could keep them organized. The firm lock keeps this kit closed during transport for peace of mind.

It's widely used in a variety of home construction and fasten machine screws. Such as a coffee maker, woodworking table, Bread machine and stuff.
Warm note: suitable for hand tools and small torque power tools etc, please don't use them for very heavy duties.

▲ Chrome Vanadium Steel Material - Manganous phosphate treatment surface with maximised rust and corrosion protection, Calibrated heat-treated process comes with higher quality, and the hardness can reach 56HRC for durability and reliability
▲ 60 Bits with ANSI Standard - Precise match, screw driving set includes 60 pieces, featuring insert polis, Phillips, slotted, Torx, square, hexagons, security torx. Ideal for almost all driving and fastening applications
▲ 1/4" Magnetic Extension Bit Holder - Well suited for all brand drills, electric screwdrivers and other power tools; Multi-magnetic driver makes it easy to fix bits and pull screws out
▲ Corresponding sticker and Compact Case - Neat label stickers help keep your tools recognized, and the portable case helps you bring your tools from job to job and keep them protected.
▲ High machining accuracy, alloy steel surface coating treatment, to extend tool life and enhance tool durability.Organized in a compact carrying case for easy transport and storage

Package Contents:

9 pcs Phillips:1* PH0, 2* PH1, 4* PH2, 2* PH3
9 pcs Pozis: 1* PZ0, 2* PZ1, 4* PZ2, 2*PZ3
9 pcs Slotteds: 1* SL4, 1* SL5, 1* SL5.5, 1* SL6, 1* SL7,1* SL5/32, 1* SL3/16, 1* SL7/32, 1* SL1/4
14 pcs Torxs: 2* T10, 2* T15, 2* T20, 2* T25, 2* T27, 2* T30, 2* T40
7 pcs Security Torxs: 1* TH10, 1* TH15, 1* TH20, 1* TH25, 1* TH27, 1* TH30, 1* TH40
12 pcs Hexagons: 1* Hex2, 2* Hex3, 2* Hex4, 2* Hex 5, 1* Hex 6, 1* Hex 1/4, 1* Hex 7/32, 1* Hex 3/16, 1* Hex 5/32, 1* Hex 1/8, 1* Hex 3/32, 1* Hex 5/64
1/4 " magnetic extension bit holder