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Vacuum & Fuel Pump Tester

  • Carburetor Carb Valve Fuel Pump Pressure Vacuum Tester Gauge Test Tool Kit
  • Complete fule pump and vacuum gauge tester. Test Fuel Pressure On Mechanical & Electric Fuel Pumps. It will also Diagnose Improper Timing, Burned Or Stuck Valves, Leaking Manifold, Improper Fuel Mixture, Sticking Choke & More. It Includes Rubber Hose & Brass Fittings For Compatibility With Most Cars.
  • Test fuel pump output pressure to 10PSI.
  • Read engine cacuum to 28" HG.
  • Check carburetor settings and calce adjustments.
  • Come with large 4 " diameter gauge w/ Heavy Rubber Jacket to protect Against Impact and Grease & Grime
  • 24" long vacuum hose.
  • Adapters suitable for most vehicles.
  • Product instructions included.
  • Case included, Color Random
  • Please note: The dial may not point to 0 when you receive the item or after a long time of use. Adjusting the gauge is s a normal operation. Please follow these steps: 1.Remove the rubber coat from the gauge. 2.Use a flat screwdriver to lift the upper half of the gauge.You can lift a little bit from one side and then from opposite direction. 3.After remove the upper half, please use a screwdriver to adjust the screw on the face of the gauge and set the arrow to 0.